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About Us
Welcome to Fine Line Engraving! We pride ourselves in our ability to provide unique and lasting impressions through our custom engravings and designs. Using several on-site laser and rotary engravers, as well as hand etching on glass and mirrors, we are able to personalize a wide variety of objects.  Personalization could include something as classic and simple as an engraved name, to something as unique and detailed as a photograph engraved on anodized aluminum. We have added a new machine that allows us to print wall graphics, canvas prints and other vinyl products in nearly any size that you can imagine. The possibilities are endless!

Materials that we are able to engrave include:
Acrylic and Plastic
Glass and Mirrors

It is important to remember that when working with natural materials, such as wood, stone, or granite, variations in the shade, texture, and depth of the engraving are to be expected.

What is the difference between laser engraving, rotary engraving, and hand etching?


Laser Engraving
We have two laser engravers on site, including a 60-watt CO2 and a 100-watt glass tube laser. These laser engravers are capable of producing detailed engravings on acrylic, some metals, leather, class, wood, stone, and granite. In very basic terms, the laser engraver “burns” the engraving into the surface of the object. Our 60-watt laser is able to produce very fine photographic images (see business card above), while our 100-watt laser can be used to engrave much larger objects, up to approximately 48 x 36 inches. This laser is routinely used in our adjoining sister company, Moore Monument and Granite Company, to engrave large, granite monuments and memorials, but it can be used for other applications as well, such as the skateboard pictured above.

Rotary Engraving
Our rotary engraver serves as an excellent choice for engraving on metals. The rotary engraver cuts, or presses, into the surface of the objects, as opposed to “burning” into the surface as the laser engraver does. Rotary engraving is the preferred method to use for metals such as brass, aluminum, and high quality chrome plating. The rotary engraver can produce clean and sleek lines or can use the diamond drag technique to cut a textured surface that reflects light from every angle. See the photographs of the engraved lighter and black business card above.

Hand Etching
Our hand etchings provide an alternative to laser engraving on glass, providing a uniform and even appearance and shading. The largest advantage to hand etching is that it provides us the opportunity to etch on mirrors.


Vinyl Prints ~ Canvas Prints ~ Wall Clings
Our printer is capable of printing detailed color images on a wide variety of products; such as canvas and several types of vinyl. We are able to print and cut out everything from full wall murals to small vinyl stickers. See the images above. This is also a great way to capture life’s little moments and turn them into wrapped canvas prints.

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